Faith Star Everlasting is a Christian-based effort by the friends & family of Roger & Catherine Sollie (Cat & Preacher) and their youngest daughter Becky Sollie Clark, to honor their faith-filled lives and share their stories that others might feel the Peace of God, that is found in faith.

It is our sincere hope and prayer that we can grow a simple ministry, using old-fashioned cards & ornaments and the wonders of the Internet to help spread God's Word, by inspiring others to lift-up shining examples of faith.

In that sense, Faith Star Everlasting is about anyone you know with a faith-based story to share.  We welcome your stories, comments, pictures and ideas and we will help you in anyway possible to shine a light on those deserving souls (living or passed) that make or have made our lives better.

We believe that you can never see enough of God's Hand in your life or the lives of others.

Give the Gift of Faith

Becky was known for her strong faith and Roger & Catherine would like for that legacy to live on forever. You can help make that possible by joining with us and Giving the Gift of Faith.

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Enjoy Their Stories

To record these events and share them with others is a gift to those in need and even if we never know what part they played in God’s plan we can rest assured God knows.

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Ornaments in Action

We all know you can't be passive in the act of having faith, you have to take action.  Place an ornament in action today, see what can happen if you remember to have faith.

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